The Captain Beard Oil
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The Captain

A rum infused, marine-inspired fragrance added to our classic beard oil

The Captain is how Castaway Beard Oils began. During a vacation in the British Virgin Islands, friends suggested that we needed to create a fragrance that smelled like a weathered sailor. Since most sailors and captains have beards, we had the idea to create an ocean-inspired beard oil brand.

So, what does every captain and sailor smell like?

Salt, the sea, and rum!

We create our beard oil base by blending natural golden jojoba oil with smoothing coconut oil. Then we mix the oils with our signature ozone and marine fragrance, including a touch of tobacco, and we always add a dash of Caribbean distilled rum. 

Get captivated by The Captain, who will always bring you back to the sea.

Ingredients: 100% pure golden jojoba oil, 100% pure coconut oil, fragrance.

Our beard oil benefits include:

  • conditions beard for hours
  • eliminates 'beardruff'
  • prevents split ends
  • prevents itching
  • helps to prevent ingrown hairs
  • provides nourishing moisture to your beard AND the skin underneath
  • smoothes, softens, and strengthens your beard
  • adds luster to your beard
  • hydrates and restores your skin
  • rich in vitamin E and antioxidants

    Every bottle of Castaway Beard Oils is handmade in the USA.

    This finished product is not tested on animals.

    5% of our profits will go to the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) to help rebuild their communities.


    Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    Handmade in Chicago

    Every bottle of Castaway Beard Oil is hand mixed and hand poured in Chicagoland. Thank you for supporting small business!

    Travel Friendly Bottles

    Our 1 ounce bottles have a screw tight cap that can be safely carried aboard any aircraft. No pumps or droppers to worry about!

    Cruelty Free Products

    Our finished products are not tested on animals. We actively seek suppliers that share our values to end animal testing.