Beard Oil Shelf Life

  • May 07, 2019


Just as with most personal care products, there is a shelf life to Castaway Beard Oil. This was an important component when creating our beard oil formula, ensuring our oils would last, allowing customers to get the most out each drop.

Because most men only use a small amount of beard oil each day, we needed our beard oils to be shelf-stable for many months. Our one ounce bottle of oil can last many weeks or months, depending on your amount of use.

This is one reason why we chose coconut oil and golden jojoba oil for our carrier oil base. Coconut and golden jojoba oils can last about two years if kept at room temperature.

Despite the long shelf lives of the carrier oils, it's best to keep Castaway Beard Oils out of direct sunlight and heat to prolong its usage. This is why our Castaway beard Oils are packaged in dark amber colored glass bottles. Any oils stored in clear bottles are vulnerable to spoilage from sunlight and are likely to breakdown and spoil faster. Dark glass bottles are essential for freshness.

To prolong the life of carrier oils, studies show it's best to refrigerate them. However, if you plan on using Castaway Beard Oil each day, simply keeping the bottle away from heat and UV light should be enough to ensure purity.

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